Culminating Boss Battle this Wednesday!


Our 16th episode of Dungeonscrawlers will be the culmination of our enmity with the Twilight Knight (aka the Kiss of Death Killer) who we first met way back in episode 1. It all comes to a grudge match on Wednesday at 6:30 PST, and when it’s done either he or we shall be left standing! Tune in and watch live on our new channel, or watch it later on our YouTube Channel, .

Below is my character Stirge’s challenge in the form of an Arena playbill plastered all over Westgate.

Dang this is fun!

Okay, this has been so much fun. Playing with these writers is hilarious, interesting, and sometimes even poignant. From the left: Yang-Yang Wang, Erin M. Evans, Rhiannon Held, (Erik Scott DeBie’s DM station), Emily Teng, (Randy Henderson’s spot). Five episodes now! I only haver crappy pictures, but here’s what it looks like from the player’s side. Check out past episodes on our YouTube channel, watch live on GenConTV on Wednesday evenings (6:30 PST), or more on

Author D&D Livestream now on YouTube! Link to Channel:

The DUNGEON SCRAWLERS YouTube channel is up!

Now that we’ve streamed a couple episodes, we have a YouTube Channel to post them in case you couldn’t watch them live.  You’ll also find player/DM interviews there, along with other tidbits. And, why, yes, you can subscribe there, too. 🙂

Episode 3 streams TONIGHT at 6:30 pm PST on GenConTV (our producer on Twitch).  You can also follow us on Twitter @DungeonScrawl for links and alerts of upcoming shows.