THE KNAVE OF SOULS is posted on Wattpad!

Last night I finished the 90% Beta draft of The Knave of Souls and posted all 35 chapters on Wattpad. Check it out!  The cover is just a temporary image, but the text is all there. wattpad_logo_280

< Click here to see it!


Wattpad is free, you just have to register to read, and there is a handy phone app for reading on your phone. It allows you to make inline comments to ask questions or give feedback, and when you do, it sends me a note so I can respond if you want. Great interactive media for authors and readers! 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!

Review: Assassin’s Gambit, by Amy Raby

I met Amy and Assassin’s Gambit in a Seattle critique group called Seattle Writers Cramp, where I was able to be a beta reader. Though I am not a romance reader, I really 15808673appreciated this story for its strong fantasy elements, its strong female lead, and especially for the risks Amy takes in developing sympathetic yet damaged main characters.

If you are a romance fantasy reader, I very much recommend this. And if you like it you’ll be glad to know it is part of a series (Hearts and Thrones) for which she has three other books out at the time of this review: Prince’s Fire, Archer’s Sin, and Spy’s Honor.

Though I didn’t have the good fortune of beta reading the others, I imagine they’re as carefully and imaginatively drawn as Assassin’s Gambit.

Let me know if you read it. I’d love to know if you agree!