DONE! This Week BOOK TWO goes to the Editor!

It’s been three years since the release of The Jack of Souls, but I am proud to announce that this Sunday I will send Book Two, The Knave of Soulsto the editor! Look for it on Amazon at the end of the month or in early December.

The Knave of Souls weighs in at 185,000 words, which is a better length for epic fantasy, in my opinion, and which makes it 140 pages longer. I like to think that makes up for some of the wait. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

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THE KNAVE OF SOULS is posted on Wattpad!

Last night I finished the 90% Beta draft of The Knave of Souls and posted all 35 chapters on Wattpad. Check it out!  The cover is just a temporary image, but the text is all there. wattpad_logo_280

< Click here to see it!


Wattpad is free, you just have to register to read, and there is a handy phone app for reading on your phone. It allows you to make inline comments to ask questions or give feedback, and when you do, it sends me a note so I can respond if you want. Great interactive media for authors and readers! 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!

Review: Assassin’s Gambit, by Amy Raby

I met Amy and Assassin’s Gambit in a Seattle critique group called Seattle Writers Cramp, where I was able to be a beta reader. Though I am not a romance reader, I really 15808673appreciated this story for its strong fantasy elements, its strong female lead, and especially for the risks Amy takes in developing sympathetic yet damaged main characters.

If you are a romance fantasy reader, I very much recommend this. And if you like it you’ll be glad to know it is part of a series (Hearts and Thrones) for which she has three other books out at the time of this review: Prince’s Fire, Archer’s Sin, and Spy’s Honor.

Though I didn’t have the good fortune of beta reading the others, I imagine they’re as carefully and imaginatively drawn as Assassin’s Gambit.

Let me know if you read it. I’d love to know if you agree!