THE JACK OF SOULS is up for preorder on Audible!

The audiobook for The Jack of Souls is up for preorder on Audible, and it’s freaking fantastic!  I am so pleased!

Here’s an audio file of the opening pages. The actor, Alex Wyndham, went with an English accent—probably because of the lofty material, 😉 –and he rocks it! Turns out he’s a great character actor.

JOS - Audiobook

Even in the first minute I love what he did with the barman. II can’t wait to hear how he did Caris and Willard and Brolli and Bannus’s voices.

I shall have to subject my kids to it on the road trip to the mountains this weekend. Mwa-hahaha!


2 thoughts on “THE JACK OF SOULS is up for preorder on Audible!

  1. “Turns out he’s a great character actor.” – and now you’ll want NO other to perform (yes perform, not narrate) your precious books because Alex Wyndham adds a fourth dimension to any world you write, any characters you bring to life, he is the actor to go to. I have your book on pre-order an I love the synopsis, can’t wait to listen to it and knowing Alex Wyndham is doing it – well, that means your book MUST be amazing because he only does the best ones… 🙂

    • Wow, thanks, Kathy! That is high praise! I am glad you know a bit about Alex. I only know him by voice. : )

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